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Paranormal M.I.T. Members

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Amy had her first Paranormal experience at the age of 7 aboard the Queen Mary. Ever since then she has been fascinated with the field. Having had countless experiences over the years, her passion grew. Especially after she had multiple visits from her Grandfather who'd always said he'd come haunt her whenever he could.

She spent many years as a ghost tour hostess in 2 different states. She has been an active Paranormal Investigator for 22 years, and this is her second time leading a Paranormal Research Team.

Her goal is to bring Paranormal Education to the masses, to dispel misinformation about the field, and to search for that one piece of irrefutable evidence that proves the existence of ghosts.

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Blurb Coming Soon.

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My name is Ashlyn.

I got into the paranormal at a young age when I started having supernatural experiences. Since that day I've been wanting to learn more about the other side, which is what lead me to this team.

I'm looking forward to finding the answers to the questions and yearning for the evidence.

Stay spooky my friends!

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Listen to the EVP here
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My name is Lexxi and I had always been more of a skeptic when it came to anything paranormal. Well, more like “ignorance is bliss” because I was actually terrified as a kid. I think I watched the movie “Poltergeist” too many times. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I became more intrigued and wanting to learn more about the paranormal. I had a few experiences in the past, but I kind of just brushed them off because I didn’t WANT to believe. It wasn’t really until Amy, Jesselyn and Ash invited me out to my very first investigation that I became more curious than afraid. My very first night out we got a very clear EVP from someone. I had asked them “Do you want to be friends?” And they very distinctively responded with “Yes.” We got a couple of other really clear responses that night and there was no denying that it was real. After that, I was really excited about being able to communicate with those who have passed on and even possibly help them if they needed it.

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