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In Paranormal Investigation, we use many different instruments to measure, monitor, record, verify and experiment with. Here is the what, how, and whys of the equipment we use.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF)

What is EMF? - Electromagnetic fields are a field of force that consists of both electric and magnetic components, resulting from the motion of an electric charge and containing a definite amount of electromagnetic energy.  In English, that means that  things that run on electricity (in one form or another) put out electronic and magnetic waves and creates a field around them. The further away you get, the weaker it gets.   Common items include microwave ovens, computers, TVs, cellphones, electrical boxes, power lines, outlets, etc.


If these things are properly shielded, the fields surrounding them should be within tolerable levels for the human body. Unshielded, or improperly shielded electronics can "leak" higher EMF, which in high doses can present a myriad of health problems to those sensitive to them.  With high doses leaking from all around an enclosed area, we get what is called a "Fear Cage".

  • sleep disturbances, including insomnia

  • headache

  • depression and depressive symptoms

  • tiredness and fatigue

  • dysesthesia (a painful, often itchy sensation)

  • lack of concentration

  • changes in memory

  • dizziness

  • irritability

  • loss of appetite and weight loss

  • restlessness and anxiety

  • nausea

  • paranoia

  • "feeling of being watched"

How does that factor into Paranormal Investigation?

By measuring the existing levels of EMF within your home or business before we start and investigation (a.k.a. taking a baseline reading) we will be able to automatically identify any EMF "hotspots" within the space and debunk them as normal, every day, explainable phenomenon.

Any significant fluctuations that cannot be traced back to a verifiable source, (appliance, outlet, ceiling fan, etc.) and appear to be "free floating" could, in theory, indicate that a spirit's energy is being registered. As spirits are essentially just energy, they should be readable on instruments designed to read energy.

The K-II Meter

This EMF Reader is an unsheilded meter

which picks up on the intensity of present

EMF. This instrument is helpful in determining how far an EMF leaks from it's source, it is also helpful in detecting how strongly a spirit is manifesting.

K-II pic.png

Lutron 822-A EMF Reader

Rugged, Compact, & Lightweight it has a large LCD display reads 0.1 -199.9 mG over the ELF range of 30 - 400 Hz. Provides readout in both mG and microTesla.


Meterk EMF MK08

Tests within the 30Hz-300Hz range, it

also features an onboard thermometer

for reading ambient air temperature.

Which is another helpful  tool in the paranormal field.


The Ghost Meter

This analog instrument has been calibrated to ignore the extremely subtle EMF emissions surrounding the human body, yet is still sensitive enough to detect the small, distinct, erratic EMF energy fluctuations frequently found at reputed haunted locations.

It measures intensity rather than giving an exact reading and has an onboard alarm which gets faster the more intense the signal is.  It is better used as a stationary device set in front of a static camera rather than a meter carried around with the investigator as it also measures kinetic energy if you move it around too quickly.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

What is EVP? - When using a device that records sound, whether it be just audio or a video/audio combination, and you capture either voices or sounds that were not audible at the time of the recording with your own ears, that is an EVP. There is also Voice Phenomenon, which is when you can hear them in real time.  We have 3 audio recorders in our arsenal, and we intend on getting more. Here are the two models we use.


Olympus VN-4100pc

Capable of recording up to 144 hours of audio in .wav format. It comes with 4 folders that hold can hold up to 100 audio clips each. Aside from it's amazing holding capacity, the mic is great and does an excellent job of picking up everything. It is an older model so it does pick up a lot of background noise as well, which makes for a great built in white noise generator. Hooks directly to the computer for easy file retrieval.


EVISTR 16GB Digital Recorder

This model has a dynamic noise cancellation microphone, which captures 1536kpbs of crystal clear audio. It is capable of recording in both MP3 and .wav file formats. Straight forward, user friendly design, and also hooks directly into the computer for easy transfers.

It is also a MP3 Player and can hold music. So if music is needed for an investigation to be used as a trigger, such as a lullaby or someone's favorite tune, all one needs to do is hit play!

SB7 Spirit Box

A Spirit Box is a modified radio that rapidly sweeps through radio frequencies at an accelerated rate. The theory behind using a spirit box is that the stations are passing by so quickly that any intelligent answer to a question asked would have been heard over several stations and not just one. Basically it is able to let you listen to a spirit's voice in real time as apposed to recording on an audio device and having to play it back to hear any answers.


Video Cameras

Canon Vixia HFR72 32GB 57X Zoom

The Canon 32GB VIXIA HF R72 records Full HD 1920 x 1080p video to 32GB of internal flash memory or to a removable SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card. It features a long 57x Advanced Zoom range and SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization that combine to deliver sharp and steadier images, even when fully zoomed. Equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and NFC support, the camcorder allows you to connect to iOS and Android devices to enable remote control, live stream monitoring and recording, and easy file transfers for uploading your videos and photos to social networking sites.

Kinect SLS Camera (Structured Light Sensor)

SLS stands for ‘Structured Light Sensor’. SLS is a scanning camera that will capture and understand the environment. The Xcam SLS is based around an advanced SLS as well as additional sensor inputs.  All of the data is gathered and displayed in real time.

The connected PC based tablet collects all the data into one central point for simple viewing and recording.

One single screen shows all your data: Temperature, Imaging, Audio Range, Distance, Light Levels and Visualized Object Scanning.

Turn on Capture to catch Video and Audio in real time. The Video files are stored on the tablet for easy retrieval.  With WiFi enabled, it’s simple to share your evidence. Playback shows the video screen and all readings as they occurred.

SLS Camera pic.jpg

Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometers measures sudden changes in temperature. Sudden changes, especially drops, in temperature are thought to indicate possible spirit activity during a Paranormal Investigation.


Interactive Flashing Sensors

Commercially, these are nothing more than cat toys! However they do a remarkable job when used as Paranormal Equipment. But how can a cat toy POSSIBLY be used as such?

This cat toy is interactive. Meaning that if you want to get the toy to flash, you have to tap on it to make the sensor inside detect motion and/or vibration. 

This actually requires some effort to make flash. - After numerous field tests we have discovered that even if we put it on the ground and stomp hard next to it, it will not set it off. If it is stationary in an anchored fashion and the wind blows, it will not set it off. It can however be set off by a hearty laugh if the acoustics are just right the sound makes it vibrate. 

Other than that, this is an excellent tool for communicating with spirits.

cat toy.png

Thermal imaging is one of the most powerful technologies ever developed to enhance human vision beyond what we see with our naked eyes. Human vision is limited to a very narrow 'visible' band of the electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared radiation carries radiant heat and with its longer wavelength, cannot be seen by the human eye. Almost everything around us gives off or reflects heat, which can be 'seen' by thermal imaging.

When one experiences a "cold spot" or a "hot spot", how can you further experiment with the situation when you can't see what is causing the temperature change? Thermal vision of course!

FLIR One - Thermal Camera

FLIR One.png

Laser Grid

The Laser Grid is a tool Paranormal Investigators use to cover a large area or down a dark hallway to determine if anything that either has mass or casts a shadow passes through an area. When the individual lights go dark, that means something is blocking the laser between the laser pen itself and where the grid is projected.

ovilus 5.png

Ovilus V

The Ovilus is an invaluable piece of equipment that allows a spirit to communicate more directly with an investigator.  The Ovilus 5 converts environmental readings such as EMF and Temperature, into words. . The goal of the device is to facilitate communications. Just like doing EVP or ITC feedback. 

The difference between the Ovilus and various "apps" of a similar nature is that apps are random generators whereas the Ovilus NEVER uses random generators. Words are specifically pulled based on environmental changes around the device.

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