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We, the members of the Paranormal Manifestation Investigation Team are

committed to finding the truth. We are a non profit team and do not charge for our services.

We cover Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona areas.

We care about your case! And our mission is to get to the bottom of your paranormal claims.

We have heard it all! So no matter how strange, we will take it into account!

Professionalism is our endeavor in all matters. We take this field very seriously and strive to show it in our actions.

We are dedicated to respecting the home/business, property/inventory, and pets of any and all clients.  We assure that they will remain intact and safe during investigations. We understand that it is your home or place of business, and it is important to show due respect.

We are also advocates of Paranormal Education.  We would like the opportunity to share any evidence that we may collect such as photos, video, or audio. (with the assurance of complete anonymity.)

Clients may choose partial or full confidentiality, and may rest assured that it will be upheld.


*Pareidolia -

Seeing patterns in random data. i.e. seeing animal shapes in the clouds, or a man on the moon, or a face on Mars, Jesus on a piece of toast, or a ghostly face staring out of a window!   Otherwise known as "Matrixing".

P-MIT is a SCIENTIFICALLY based team, deploying methods of:


  • Debunking

  • Taking base readings before officially starting the investigation.

  • Using instrumentation to gather data

  • Experimentation to try to recreate events

  • Gathering "hard" evidence. (meaning clear evidence caught on photo, audio or video.)


We do not rely on "feelings" as a source of evidence, regardless of the fact we have several Empaths and a Medium on our team.  Their gifts are used as a tool, but we understand that feelings cannot be shared, documented, presented as evidence, or let's just say it, proven!

We will not waste your time with dust orbs, light refractions, blurry photos, *matrixing/pareidolia, etc.

Regardless of whether or not we find actual hard evidence - ghosts can be shy - we can offer counseling and house blessings/cleansing services.

We believe that science and spirituality can work in tandem, but not at the same time.  

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